• The power of daylight at your desk

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  • Defeat darkness with Needlite™

    Keep that energy feeling from summer.

    Confusius said: ”It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness”. We are affected when daylight is
    limited, either by long office hours or during Winter season. Scientists estimate that 8% suffer from Season
    Affection Disorder (SAD) and as many as 30% could benefit from extra daylight exposure. Light therapy has a
    documented effect but it requires 30-60 minutes of having to sit closely staring into a lamp. But with Needlite™
    you can get all the daylight benefits while you work. More energy, better performance, mood and sleep.


Increase your energy • Enhance your performance • Feel better

Try Needlite in your office

Imagine if you and your colleagues got the chance to enjoy the power of daylight on your desks. The energy and the good vibe – plus of course the comfortable lighting across the workspace with no dark corners or screen reflections. If you’re an employer, you might prefer to hear about the increase in productivity and drop in sick days. If so, we have some interesting data to share with you.  You might also want to test Needlite, to see if it really works for your company. If so, you can do so for two cheerful weeks.

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Rediscover your natural body clock

We’re not meant to feel tired and down during winter (or any season) or have problems with sleeping at night. But approximately half of us do. The thing is, we’re not built for our modern lifestyle inside offices with wrong lighting – so our natural body clock gets messed up and trapped in a negative spiral. Needlite™ lets you rediscover your natural body clock with significant positive effects on your energy and wellbeing.


Reset your body clock

Personalize your light

Download the free app to control, monitor and personalize your new health lights. It’s easy and quick.


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The future is light

We know that we need to eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and get enough sleep, in order to stay healthy. But before all this, we need balanced light and darkness. Scientists everywhere are discovering the vast importance of getting enough daylight for our wellbeing.


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Design details that make a difference

Needlite™ is first of all designed as an elegant and ideal desk lamp – with the added benefit of giving out powerful daylight effect to the exact right spot in the human eye. Experience the design details for yourself.


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Make a difference to someone you know. Share the power of daylight to boost their energy and wellbeing during the dark months of winter.