Strong daylight effect

We need daylight to function. But spending most of our time indoors, we don’t get nearly enough. So we get tired, low and slow. Needlite can compensate for that by exposing you to light high on blue wavelengths, yet comfortable to work by, helping you perform and feel better during the day – and sleep better during the night. Discover the science behind here

Low-energy LED lights

The powerful light comes from efficient LED’s that use very little power to generate a huge effect on your level of energy and mood. At maximum intensity your brilliant new desk lights will run at only 23W and for everyday use they will typically shine at lower settings – therefore using even less precious electricity. Good for your budget and the environment.

Symmetrical advantage

For improved effect and perfect, shadow-free desk lighting, Needlite is a set of two lamps. Tests show that at the right symmetrical position two light sources are better than one. They deliver an ideal distribution of soft, white light – very close to the quality of natural daylight. The result is superior lighting at your desk with maximised daylight effect.

Superior desk lamps

Needlite is a desk lamp with daylight, which means it has significant added benefits for your level of energy, productivity and mood. So we paid particular attention to how it looks and lights. The sleek and elegant lamps deliver a wide and comfortable, white light to your entire workspace. No shadows, dark corners or blurring reflections on your screen.

Dual touch-control

Both lamps can be touch-controlled. No buttons, clicks or fiddling – just a gentle touch to the aluminium base of the lamp. One quick tap means ‘on’ or ‘off’. Keep your fingers lingering a moment longer, and you will adjust the light intensity symmetrically on both lights – so you can quickly return to work by your preferred light climate.

App controlled

The app lets you enjoy the full benefit of your Needlite. You can adjust the light intensity via your iPhone and set your lamps to automatically switch off and on whenever you leave or return to your desk. But most of all: use your personal light stats to monitor and optimize your daylight exposure and body clock, in order to hit a positive track of energy and productivity.

Needlite™ is health light


Daylight is essential for our health and wellbeing, because it stimulates our mental and physical processes and regulates our sleep cycle. Traditional electrical lighting does not have that effect, so if we spend most days inside, we don’t get enough – and when our light batteries are not properly charged, we get tired, slow and even sad.


Plug. Place. Perform

It really is this easy to start enjoying your new constant energy source on your desk. Simply place the lamps at each far corner of your desk and adjust their positions until you’re happy with the light. You’ll experience the stimulating effects of daylight right away – and increasing over time.



Is this light therapy?

Yes and no. Needlite™ goes beyond light therapy. Whereas traditional light therapy is for people who already suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), Needlite™ is a new possibility for everyone to boost their energy all year round. It’s not only a cure for people with light deficit syndromes – it’s a boost for anyone who wants to feel and perform better. And whereas traditional light therapy requires dedicated sessions every day, Needlite™ is entirely hassle-free.


Get the product specs

You don’t need any technical skills to use our lights. Still, here are the product specs: