Needlite for makeup

Work efficiently with daylight

With Needlite as makeup light you get:

  • Adjustable daylight in the right color
  • Ensure that you work in the right colors and shades
  • Smooth and comfortable lighting of the model
  • Less doubt and uncertainty about the outcome
  • No wasted time to search for the "right light" to verify your work
  • Comfortable worklight
  • And more energy for you and model

In short: Better and more secure results with less effort.

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Goodbye to uncertainty about your result

Getting the right light for makeup is often difficult. Whether you are at home, in the salon or out on a job. With the soft and comfortable daylight from the two Needlite lamps, you get even light in the right color and without shadows. You can be absolutely certain that what you see in the mirror or on the model is exactly the result you are aiming for.

Read more here or contact us if you want to try for free for 14 days.

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Home or away

Whether you do your own makeup or others, you need effective worklight. Needlite gives you exactly that. A clear and comfortable daylight that illuminates the face evenly without shadows. And the color of the light - identical to daylight - ensures that you can now count 100% on what you see in the mirror or in front of you.

No more looking for the nearest winwod hoping for a lot of daylight to help you assess whether the choices you have made based on your experience actually hold up. Higher security in color rendering makes you both better and, not least, more effective in your work.

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Pure daylight

To ensure that the colors you see in front of you also match your desired output, you need daylight. The brightness of the soft, white daylight from Needlite can be adjusted through the touch of the lamps.

Control the brightness via the app

With Needlite's iPhone app, you can see the exact level of brightness (as a percentage of max) you've chosen. It makes it possible to find a level that suits you. And easy to recall if or when you need different levels.

Sharpens your own focus

Working in and with daylight gives you several benefits: Daylight improves your energy level and sharpens your focus. You simply see better and maintain your sharpness longer

Symmetrical working light

Needlite provides a symmetrical work light that is not reflected in the screen. The soft daylight covers the work surface evenly and without shadows. And nothing blocks your view.

Control Needlite with the iPhone app

With Needlite's iPhone app, you have full control of your Needlite lamps. It shows you the exact level of brightness (as a percentage of max). And it makes it possible to find a level that suits you. And easy to recall if or when you need different levels.

The app can also turn on Needlite automatically when you arrive at your desk and turn it off when you leave. And as a bonus the app gives you feedback on how much daylight you received while working.

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Try Needlite

Would you also like to try daylight on your desk, and experience all the benefits of efficient and adjustable daylight during the day? Then you can buy Needlite from one of our dealers, or directly in our webshop. And in some markets (UK, Norway, Sweden and Denmark) you also have the opportunity to try it out for 14 days in your workplace before you decide. See how it's done below.

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Contact us

Fill out the form on our website. We or one of our dealers send a Needlite set to the address you specified. NB! The offer for free lending applies only to companies. And only in UK, Norway, Sweden and Denmark for the time being.

Try in your office for 2 weeks

Once you have received Needlite, you now have 14 days to experience the many benefits of additional daylight. And, finally, contact us with questions or if you need help. Remember to save the box.

Let us know

We hope, of course, you will be happy with Needlite. If your trial is successful, please contact us after 14 days after which we will send an invoice. If we do not hear from you within 21 days, we consider the loan as an order and will also send an invoice

Return the lamps in case it's not for you.

If you do not want to keep the lamps after the trial period ends, that is perfectly ok. Repack the lamps in the original box don't forget wires and manual. Send the box back to us (return shipping fee is paid by you).