More energy and excellent work light

Needlite is a daylight desk lamp

Extra daylight from Needlite will make a big and positive difference to your day - whether you need more energy, light therapy or just optimal working light. The soft and comfortable daylight from Needlite lifts both energy and mood and provides effective working conditions around the screen. A smart solution for energy and productivity during your business day.

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Daylight pays off

A good working environment does show on the bottom line. With better conditions, performance is better. Replace the standard desk lamp with Needlite, and you have both a superb work light and extra daylight for your desktop. Daylight gives you more energy, sharper focus and better mood. Needlite is an investment in a good working environment that pays back quickly. Research shows that daylight increases productivity - figures indicate between 5 and 25%. And employees with access to daylight have a reduced sick leave with up to 6.5%. We have gathered some relevant research results, if you are curious of all the benefits of daylight.

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Needlite in the office explained in 1 minute

Needlite is the smart 2-in1 lighting solution: excellent work light and extra daylight for more energy and better performance. And designed to improve your wellbeing and efficiency in the office. Watch physiotherapist Mark Abildhauge explain how Needlite works and the effects of daylight.

Replaces your desk lamp

Needlite is an efficient and stylish daylight lamp for your desk. The soft white light from the two lamps covers your entire work surface. No dark corners, no annoying reflections in the screen.

Lots of daylight gives you more energy

Needlite gives you a daylight boost. The light from Needlite contains a lot more of the blue wavelengths. It is the blue light that increases your energy level, improves your concentration and your mood. Lack of daylight can quickly make you tired and underperform.

Two lamps provide symmetrical light

With Needlite, you get two lamps, which provide you with optimal daylight power, but also perfect, soft worklight without shadows. We absorb the light through the eyes which is why the two, tall lamps give an improved daylight effetc as well as better working light.

Even smarter with the app

Needlite comes with a free iPhone app that can turn the light on and off automatically when you arrive at or leaving your desk . You also get an overview of the amount of daylight boost received from the lamps. And finally you can adjust brightness if you do not want to do it directly on the lamp.

Plug. Place. Perform

Needlite is designed to give you more energy during the working day without having to make an extra effort. The light works while you work. Simply connect the lamps, place them on your desk, and turn them on with a soft touch of the base and start experiencing all the benefits of working in daylight. Research shows that the brain responds to daylight in less than a minute and directly initiates processes that give us more energy.

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Daylight Boost

Needlite gives you a boost of daylight, which gives more energy and improves your mood. We call it Daylight Boost. The amount of boost you get depends on how long you are in the light and the intensity of light.


You can let time do the work for you. The longer you sit in front of Needlite, the greater Daylight Boost you get. Even with Needlite set at a lower brightness.


You can utilize the adjustable brightness of Needlite to build up a 'light reserve'. With increased brightness you also increase your Daylight Boost. Most efficient in the morning, to last for the entire day.

Find your own mix

Do you have a long day at the desk? Low brightness for many hours keeps you running. On your way out? Turn up the light and get a quick boost that lasts for the rest of the day.

The correct placement is your placement

  • We recommend that you start by placing the lights slightly away from the screen. The placement shown in the illustration works well for some. Others prefer the lamps closer to the screen.
  • You can start by turning on Needlite at a low brightness. Working in daylight all day ensures a solid effect even at lower brightness levels.
  • If you're enjoying more light - or need a fast energy boost - it's easy to turn up the lamps with a slight touch or through the Needlite app.
    For more tips and placement - and a little background - you can read more here.

Long days in the office?

Extra daylight gives you more energy

Needlite solves a wellknown issue: the lack of daylight result from our modern lifestyle. Long days in the office, and more often than not in poor and inadequate lighting. Studies show that most of us are indoors up to 23 hours a day - all year round: We live in socalled biological darkness.

And without enough daylight in our everyday life, our body clock gets confused. The lack of daylight makes our organism believe that it is going to sleep soon, and therefore lowers our energy level. And this applies to both summer and winter, although most people notice it most clearly during the dark winter.

Control the light automatically

Get full control and save power

We have developed a free iPhone app that gives you full control of your Needlite. With it you can adjust the brightness steplessly and the app shows and remembers the precise brightness setting for you. The app can also turn on Needlite automatically when you arrive at your desk and turn off when you leave. And last but not least, the app gives you feedback on how much daylight you've received throughout the day. It makes it easy for you monitor how the light affects your energy level and your mood.

Try Needlite at your workplace

Would you like to try daylight on your own desk, and experience all the benefits of your energy level, concentration and mood? Then you can buy Needlite from one of our dealers, or directly in the webshop. And in some markets (UK, Norway, Sweden and Denmark) you also have the opportunity to try it out for 14 days before you decide. See below how easy it is.

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Fill out the form on our website. We or one of our dealers send a Needlite set to the address you specified. NB! The offer for free lending applies only to companies. And only in UK, Norway, Sweden and Denmark for the time being.

Try in your office for 2 weeks

Once you have received Needlite, you now have 14 days to experience the many benefits of additional daylight. And, finally, contact us with questions or if you need help. Remember to save the box.

Let us know

We hope, of course, you will be happy with Needlite. If your trial is successful, please contact us after 14 days after which we will send an invoice. If we do not hear from you within 21 days, we consider the loan as an order and will also send an invoice

Return the lamps in case it's not for you.

If you do not want to keep the lamps after the trial period ends, that is perfectly ok. Repack the lamps in the original box don't forget wires and manual. Send the box back to us (return shipping fee is paid by you).