Needlite desk lamp with daylight

Get more energy and improve performance with Needlite. Needlite is the desk lamp, which illuminates with the same bright white light as daylight.

Needlite is a set of two LED lamps that are placed on each side of your computer screen.

Your benefits are:

  • A constant supplement of daylight while you work
  • More energy all day long
  • Better mood
  • Better focus and improved productivity
  • Better sleep

Other benefits of Needlite:

  • The daylight ensures precise and accurate color rendering
  • Effective and comfortable worklight without shadows and reflections
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Free iPhone app allows remote control and feedback

The elegant design and easy operation make Needlite an ideal choice for anyone who wants to work in daylight.


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Daylight for your desk gives you extra energy

The two lamps will give a symmetrical light for increased effect

LED technology uses less electricity and gives the best daylight effect


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User manual and technical specifications

  • Click here for the Needlite User Manual
  • Click here for technical specifications