Making light work for you

Up in the northern hemisphere where Needlite™ was invented, more than half of us suffer from fatigue, low energy and even sadness during the dark months of the year. Which by the way cover more than half the year, thus adding up to a serious lot of people on stand-by mode for a serious lot of time. This inspired us to think. Across the world, people working inside offices experience similar problems – as humans we’re simply not cut out for this so-called biological darkness. The question we asked ourselves was, “How could we help people integrate enough healthy daylight into their lives without shutting down the entire modern world?”



Our solution

Our solution came as an elegant desk lamp with significant advantages over normal desk lamps (such as natural colour reproduction and comfortable lighting of the entire work space with no dark corners, shadows or reflections in the screen). Most of all, it also delivers the powerful and energizing effects of natural daylight, without hassle, limitations or need to take time out to use it. Needlite doesn’t only repair a light deficit problem – it helps people recreate their natural body clock with convincing benefits in terms of enhanced productivity and performance, higher spirits and better sleep during the night. 



Human nature

It’s amazing how easily we forget our biological origin and needs. How we believe that we can master anything and everything, as long as we work extra hard – but then again, that’s human nature in a nutshell. And once we begin to think about our natural biological needs, it all makes perfect sense. Daylight is basic and essential. In the same way that a nutritious diet, regular exercise and sound sleep are vital to our wellbeing, we need the power of daylight to stay healthy, happy and active. Perhaps even first of all.