Light therapy works - also with Needlite

But you don't need to suffer from SAD to benefit from additional daylight

Light therapy as a treatment against winter fatigue and SAD (Seasonal Affectiv Disorder) has been known for decades, and is both acknowledged and proven effective. Light therapy is recommended for those of us who have difficulties getting through the winter and are affected by varying degrees of bad mood, fatigue and low energy. Statistics say that 5 - 8% are affected by a severe winter depression. But more than half of us eperience a clear difference between summer and winter, and in fact we can all enjoy the benefits from additional daylight.

In light therapy, the general recommendation is to acquire a powerful light therapy light / daylight lamp and place yourselfin front of it 30 minutes every morning. Most people tryingthis realises that the light has a good effect: You get a better start to the day, feel energised and the mood is higher.

However, light therapy has two significant disadvantages: firstly, the light boost you get in the morning should last all day, which can be difficult. Typically the effect wears out during the day.

But the biggest challenge is to find time and quiet in the morning to spend half an hour in front of the daylight lamp. Studies show that up to 90% of light therapy users do not use their lamp during the following winter simply because it is inconvenient and conflicts with morning routines ad tasks.

Needlite is carefully designed to work as an elegant work lamp and effective light therapy. With its modern design and comfortable, soft daylight, Needlite works efficiantly on the desk, and with daylight right in front of you all day, you do not need the extreme levels of brightness that characterizes traditional light therapy. On the contrary, the steady flow of daylight maintains a constant high energy level throughout the day - as if you had been outdoors in natural daylight.

And if you want to use their Needlite lamps as classical light therapy, they manage that too. They can easliy beturned up to 10,000 lux, which is the general recommendation to get a light boost.