How does light therapy improve on winter fatigue and winter depression/SAD?

And why do we all need it?

Light therapy is a familiar term to some people - but for most people also connected with a few misunderstandings.

Light therapy as a treatment against winter fatigue and SAD (Seasonal Affectiv Disorder) has been known for decades, and is both acknowledged and proven effective. Light therapy is recommended for those of us who have difficulty getting through the winter and are affected by varying degrees of bad mood and low energy. Statistics say that 5 - 8% are affected by a severe winter depression. But more than half of us eperience a clear difference between summer and winter, and in fact we can all enjoy the benefits from additional daylight.

The reason we benefit from light therapy is quite simple: 80% of our body and brain functions are controlled or influenced by daylight. The change of color and brigtness throughout the day controls our circadian rhythm, our appetite, our energy level, our mood and a host of other existential functions in our organism.

In brief our brain reacts on morning daylight and initiates all relevant functions to be awake and alert. The production of the sleep horone, Melatonine, drops, and Serotonine which initiates energy and a positive mood increases. And in the evening, when the daylight fades, this process is happening in reverse.

However, the dark winter months combined with our modern lifestyle, spending 23 hours a day indoors (all year round) typically in poor and inadequate lighting, confuses our brain and body. And for some, the effect of the lack of light during winter is so significant that they can only function if they receive a daylight supplement.

Light therapy - or daylight lamps or panels (including Needlite) - work by emitting daylight. Daylight is characterized by having all the colors of the rainbow, and is therefore white with a slightly bluish cut. And it is the blue light that controls our daily rhythm and regulates the production of Melatonin and Serotonin. With the lack of the blue light in our everyday life and especially during the winter, our system gets confused: Our energy level is significantly lower than it should be. And the same goes for our mood. And at the same time we have difficulties sleeping because the body is missing the clear signals that make it clear between the sleep and sleep.

By giving a daylight supplement either as classical light therapy with a distinctive light boost in the morning or as with Needlite, where the light is available at the desk throughout the working day, you can help the body to get back in time and thus easily improve its well-being throughout the day.

And since the light is fundamentally necessary for all of us, and not only those suffering the hardest from SAD and winter fatigue, we can all benefit from a daylight supplement.