Daylight improves your brain capacity, ability to focus, and memory

A scientific study from Switzerland shows that an increase in daylight exposure during the day can improve the brain’s capacity, performance and ability to solve problems with prolonged effect.

The study explored the effect after six hours of daylight exposure, or similar light via a specific lamp, against the effect after six hours by traditional office lighting (not daylight). It was shown that subjects working by traditional office lighting became tired and slow, whereas the mind woke up in more than one sense after a day spent by daylight. The effect lasted into the evening.


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Effects of prior light exposure on early evening performance, subjective sleepiness, and hormonal secretion

Münch M, Linhart F, Borisuit A, Jaeggi SM, Scartezzini JL.

Behavioral Neuroscience, 2012 Feb;126(1):196-203.