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Needlite is the daylight desk lamp that gives you energy. It is a set of two lamps to be placed on your desk adjacent to your monitor. The energy saving LED’s emit the same bright, white light as daylight. They light up your entire work space on your desk, with a nice and reflection free light.

Advantages are:

  • a constant boost of daylight while you work
  • more energy all day long
  • better mood
  • more focus
  • higher productivity
  • better sleep
  • ideal also for photo editing

Needlite is a high quality product with an elegant, contemporary aluminum design that suits any desk. The two lamps work together and are controlled simultaneously. The design ensures an even flux of energizing daylight into your eyes with no need for extra effort from you.

On/off and adjustment of the light intensity is done by touching the base of either lamp. Or you can use the iPhone-app which also gives you feedback on how much light you have received. And turns the lamps off when you leave your desk and back on when return.

The two lamps ensure maximum effect from the daylight together with even and pleasant work light.

Needlite – The power of daylight at your desk.

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