Daylight at the office

More energy - while you work

Daylight for creatives

Adjustable daylight (6.500K)
when working with photo, video,
graphics and makeup

Get more energy
Get more done

Daylight is crucial for your energy and wellbeing

Needlite gives you the daylight you need

Easy, elegant and efficient

Needlite can provide you with all the daylight you need for your body and brain to get optimal conditions. It's easy, looks good and do not require you to change habits or routines. Just turn on the lights and focus on what you need.

And do you work with photo, video, TV, there are plenty of situations where Needlite can provide much needed daylight: eg. photo editing, graphic work, makeup or verifying prints.

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Superior desk lamp

Needlite is an efficient and stylish daylight lamp for your desk. The soft white light from the two lamps covers your entire work surface. No dark corners, no annoying reflections on the screen and no shadows as you have light from both sides

Strong daylight effect gives more energy

Needlite gives you a daylight supplement, because its light contains larger portion of the blue wavelengths. It is the blue light that increases your energy level, improves your concentration and your mood. Lack of daylight has the opposite effect.

Your creative focus also gets better

With Needlite, you have consistent daylight, for example, when editing. It gives you several advantages: The daylight improves your own energy level, and at the same time sharpen your focus. You simply see better and maintain your own sharpness longer in front of the screen.

Needlite gives you symmetric light

With Needlite, you get two lamps, which give you optimal daylight effect, but also perfect, soft work light without shadows. We absorb the light through our eyes which is why two lamps give greater effect.

Get a quick overview of how Needlite works

We asked physiotherapist Mark Abildhauge,  known from Danish TV2's "Good Morning, Denmark" to look at Needlite. Watch him explain Needlite and its effect in less than 1 minute.

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Daylight gives life, energy and good mood

Daylight makes a big positive difference to our everyday life. It is actually one of our basic needs, on par with food, sleep and exercise. The daylight and its shift of color and strength throughout the day control a wide range of processes in the body, including:

  • Circadian rhythm
  • Energy Level
  • Mood
  • Appetite

Needlite is designed to provide you with all the daylight you need to feel and perform well.

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More energy with no effort

A "vitamin pill" in the form of light

In our busy, daily lives there is a lot to remember, and a lot of do's and don'ts. Extra daylight with Needlite is, however, simple: Put the lights up where you spend the most of your day, turn them on and you automatically receive daylight that boosts your energy level and your mood. You do not have to change habits, take special time out or avoid certain things - just turn on the light.

Daylight Boost

Needlite gives you a boost of daylight increasing your energy level and improves your mood. We call it Daylight Boost. The amount of boost you get depends on how long you are in the light and the intensity of light.


You can let time do the work for you. The longer you sit in front of Needlite, the greater Daylight Boost you get. Even with Needlite set at a lower brightness.


You can also utilize the adjustable brightness of Needlite to build up a 'light reserve'. With increased brightness you also increase your Daylight Boost. Most efficient in the morning, to last for the entire day.

Find your own mix

Do you have a long day at the desk? Low brightness for many hours keeps you running. On your way out? Turn up the light and get a quick boost that lasts for the rest of the day.

Is Needlite light therapy?

Yes, Needlite is also light therapy. But 'light therapy' has become a slightly misleading word. It is easy to assume that you should be ill to enjoy light, but that is not the case: We all need daylight, just as we need food, drink, sleep and exercise.

Needlite, with its daylight supplement, is useful for everyone who stays indoors a lot. And this applies throughout the year, even if the effect is experienced easiest during winter. In addition Needlite provides comfortable worklight - useful all year round.

So light therapy means daylight supplements that provide more energy, sharper focus and better mood. That is why Needlite is also effective light therapy. You can find more information about daylight here.

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User feedback on Needlite

Elegant, Danish design

When we created Needlite, we wanted to create efficient but also elegant daylight for the desktop. It should be a daylight lamp that you would enjoy to look at everyday. Needlite has a modern, stylish design that fits in a modern office environment. Needlite is a set of two slim LED towers and a base in brushed aluminum. You turn the light on and off and also control the brightness with a slight touch of the base.

Although Needlite is a brand new lamp, it is already in a museum. Designmuseum Denmark has included Needlite in the exhibition "DANISH DESIGN NOW", which contains a selection of contemporary, distinctive designs.


I'd like to try

Automatically control the light with the Needlite app

The app gives you full control over your Needlite

We have developed a free iPhone app that gives you full control of your Needlite. With the app you can adjust the brightness steplessly and the app shows and remembers the precise brightness setting for you. The app can also turn on Needlite automatically when you arrive at your desk and turn it off when you leave. And last but not least, the app gives you feedback on how much daylight you've received throughout the day. It makes it easy for you monitor how the light affects your energy level, mood and wellness.

Is there enough daylight at your desk?

Try Needlite for free for 2 weeks and experience all the benefits

Would you like to try daylight on your own desk, and experience all the benefits of your energy level, concentration and mood? Then you can buy Needlite from one of our dealers, or directly in our webshop. And in some markets (UK, Norway, Sweden and Denmark) you also have the opportunity to try it out for 14 days before you decide. See below how easy it is.

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Contact us

Fill out the form on our website. We or one of our dealers send a Needlite set to the address you specified. NB! The offer for free lending applies only to companies. And only in UK, Norway, Sweden and Denmark for the time being.

Try in your office for 2 weeks

Once you have received Needlite, you now have 14 days to experience the many benefits of additional daylight. And, finally, contact us with questions or if you need help. Remember to save the box.

Let us know

We hope, of course, you will be happy with Needlite. If your trial is successful, please contact us after 14 days after which we will send an invoice. If we do not hear from you within 21 days, we consider the loan as an order and will also send an invoice

Return the lamps in case it's not for you.

If you do not want to keep the lamps after the trial period ends, that is perfectly ok. Repack the lamps in the original box don't forget wires and manual. Send the box back to us (return shipping fee is paid by you).